Products & Services

Our services are for schools, universities, businesses and other organizations.

Webstudent offers capacity, quality and flexibility in education and training.


  • Eco-system for Learning - Software as a Service

    We provide cloud-based services for online education and school operations through its Webstudent systems as software as a service.

  • Consulting and Instructional Design

    Further, the company offers services in terms of strategy development in online education, development services in online content through instructional design.

  • Support Services

    WebStudent offers administrative support, technical support and marketing support services.

  • Sales of Curriculum From Partner Universities

    We collaborate with our partner universities to help them create innovative online content and then work to help reach global markets.

  • Add-on Service - Container Schools

    We also offer, in collaboration with Seafront, the construction of physical learning centers through modular container elements. These schools or learning areas can be built quickly and shipped all over the world. They represent a highly cost-effective and totally modular way to build physical infrastructure for education.